Custom Spotters

These are fantastic marketing & CUSTOMER RETENTION TOOLS.
They help grow and main your relationship with your customers.

Examples of Custom Spotter Labels

We can produce custom spotters for you with the names GREEN Wizard, POOF,
Yowza or any other name you prefer.  They are available in both 8oz and 16oz sizes
Green Wizard Spotter
Poof spotter image
Yowza spotter image
  • These spotters are derivatives of our very popular “Encap GREEN“.  Customers love them!
  • VERY UNIQUE!  These custom spotters are Encapsulating Spot Removers that also Deodorize!
  • Leave them behind as free gifts for your customers. They are fantastic marketing & CUSTOMER RETENTION TOOLS.
  • Most go with the name GREEN Wizard; others like the name POOF or Yowza.  However, we are flexible.  If you have a different name in mind for your custom spotter, we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you are interested in being a part of this Give-A-Way spotter program.

Please call our office at 877-333-9964 and speak with “Cynthia”.

She can explain pricing and how you can even get FREE shipping.

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