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Our latest products: Double Trouble, Formula 357 and Odor Death
Odor Death
Need to solve odor problems? Odor Death's price reduced from $49.75 to $34.75!

VacAway is helping curtail 
inflation for Professional Carpet Cleaners

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 Note: MORE super strength products are likely to follow Double Trouble.
It is going to be an exciting 2023!
We are out to save the world’s carpets from sticky residue!

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We stand behind each product and make the following BEST IN THE INDUSTRY, guarantee to professional carpet cleaners:


If you purchase any of our products, up to one case, and you do not like them for any reason, give us a call within 60 days; we will refund your money, PLUS YOU CAN KEEP THE PRODUCTS. 


If you have never tried our products, you can order one of our FREE Sample Packs online. You just pay the UPS shipping.                                                                        

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