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Product Reviews / TESTIMONIALS

Hey Steve,

Man, love the new stuff you have added! Blend Mend stuff worked great today...Will be ordering more.... Smart scents AWESOME...LOVE IT...Gonna order some more of that too..

The new Encap Green, might be the greatest stuff ever made...add a couple oz of hot knife and I think it'll clean anything....

LOVE IT! Thanks !!!


Ken Landgrebe, NewWayDryWay, Newton, IA

Hi Steve,

Vacaway products really do the job and make my life, and those of my employee's a lot easier. I started out by ordering your FREE SAMPLE package. Within one week of sampling the products, I placed my first order. I Love Vacaway products and so do our techs! Keep up the good work, Vacaway!

Dominic V. Cassano, President, Magic Carpet Express LLC., Hopewell Junction, NY


I love your cleaners! Being a green company I am at a disadvantage with how well my products work but with your Encap Green and Intensity Green, I am able to do a great job and make my customers very happy.

I have tried everything and your products are the best!

Joe Heinbaugh, Real Green Cleaning, Indianapolis, IN  

Where to start?


First of all Steve, I've been in the carpet cleaning business for over 15 years, and the people serving business pretty much all my life.


From the people serving business your company is TOP NOTCH...


I hear from suppliers all the time telling me about how great their new product X is (always promising to eliminate some carpet malady- or many), and all I have to do is order and pay for the product and if I don't like it I can send it back...




As you know shipping has gotten to be well over 25% of any small product order.


Yet you have put together a small but effective line of samples (many of which I'm still using over a year later) that allowed me to try (and of course keep on my truck)...  In fact I made several thousand dollars using those products from the sample kit!

Now, on to your products.


I've performed things with your products that if you had told me I would be cleaning as I am 2 years ago I would have laughed at you.


I've cleaned in 15 different US states, done thousands of homes, and multiple businesses- my total square footage cleaned is in the multiple millions of square feet.


NEVER have I seen products that work as well as yours...


Your encapsulants have an amazing co-solvency to them, removing all but the most stubborn oil based stains, the deodorization capabilities are extraordinary, and the final results I get are simply amazing..


All of this with a dozen bonnets and a rotary floor machine...


Two of my last jobs were a tattoo parlor in a high end mall, and a 4000 sq ft home with 2 adult children, all smokers and a nice greasy german shepherd thrown in for good measure...


The kids bedrooms were dirtier than some bars I've cleaned, as was the 1200 sq ft basement.


Intensity Red- solved the issues...


Bottom line- you rock, your products rock.


If you ever want to use my name as a reference or care to print this-  GO FOR IT!


Thanks again,

Kevin Stolicny, Like New Cleaning, Canton, OH  330-244-6213

...Peroxcellent is by far the best thing I've ever used in my cleaning career. 20+ years.
I used to love procyon for steaming.

Peroxcellent cleans the crap, takes out the yellow and the odor...makes the carpet look better and better as it dries AND the carpets stay looking great and feeling soft for months......monitoring my own carpets.
And it doesn't smell bad at all...no choking on fumes etc etc.
The encap properties give me peace of mind for wicking and all that too.

I've been back a few times the next day on some jobs and the carpet always impresses me. When trying a new solution I always try to stop back by the next day just to check it out...and customers love that.

Thanks Steve, I'll be buying more stuff from you...

Brian Robison, Priority Carpet & Tile Cleaning, Richardson, TX  972-898-5624  

Good morning Mr. Smith,
Just wanted to let you know about my first experience with Hot Knife. I was hired to clean a movie theater. I had done some work previously for them. We did a section of lobby that they were having problems with wicking.

Well Last night I got to clean 2 theaters. The carpet was black from who knows what. I sprayed  a small aisle section and hit it with cotton pads. The black was gone and the original color came through. I finished the theaters in 2.5 hours.

Before I left the manager wanted to see how it looked. He was already impressed with low moisture cleaning but Hot Knife amazed him and he was very happy. I was even happier with a fat check.

Thanks for making a fine product and my work a lot easier.


Steve Monahan, Natural Choice Carpet Cleaning, Holden, ME  

Steve, as you recall I am coming back to Low Moisture cleaning from HWE. I do mainly vacant rentals with the often trashed out carpet. Such was the case yesterday.

3500 square foot house with a beige nylon carpet, cut pile. The carpet had been very neglected and had food spills, 'mystery spots' and an odor I am unfamiliar with. :)

I have been a big fan of VacAway for some time but had gotten away from low moisture cleaning because of carpet like the one I describe above. In fact, I was just about to unload my porty, use a high PH cleaner and scrub with my 175 because I just knew, inside, they would never come clean with low moisture only.

But, I asked myself   'why not try Peroxcellent first, I can always HWE right after'...

I used my 175 (17") and a soft carpet brush then a long looped cotton bonnet. (I did a very thorough prevac) and the results were simply amazing!

When I was done and loaded, the carpet looked almost new and was dry. The mystery spots gone and the odor neutralized.

I have done this type of dirty carpet before with HWE and I feel the results using your Peroxcellent and Low Moisture were superior. I am sold.

The owner of this house will drop her jaw when she sees her carpet. I am sorry but she will never know it is your juice that makes me look like a hero. But now YOU do.

Post this anywhere.... carpet cleaners need to know you have a magic sauce here.



Phil Ruthven, C Spot Stop Carpet Cleaning, Titusville, FL 

Hi Steve, 

I just wanted to write and thank you for such great products. I was using another brand of encapsulation products and thought I was doing a great job with them until I took a chance and tried your products.

Encap GREEN and Spot-N-Boost have changed the game for my business, The compliments and referrals I'm getting since I switched to your cleaning solutions just keep coming. I haven't changed any of my cleaning procedures just the juice I use. Keep up the great work!

Thanks again!

Brad Whiteman, Eco-Dry Carpet Cleaning, Carson City, NV 

P.S. All of your spotters are the best on the market.

I just wanted to send you guys a message to tell you that Dirt Assassin ROCKS! I used it as a pre spray on some nasty olefin restaurant carpet last night. Dirt Assassin just destroyed months of caked in grease, I should of taken pictures of it working. Thanks for continuing to make superior products that us carpet cleaners, out in the trenches, can depend on!

                                                                            Matt Weddle, Calhoun, GA

Hi Steve -

Thanks, best products I have ever used.  Amazing results !   Again, Amazing !


Chris Sieczka, Intregires Environmental Services, Chicago, Illinois

Hi Steve -

I just wanted to let you know that your encapsulation products are hands down the best crystallizing detergents that I have been able to find on the market.

I have tested several "crystallizing" products and your products really put the competitions products to shame.

We don't do a lot of encapsulation here yet, but when we do, there's no doubt that I want my guys using your products. In fact, the last 5 or 6 times I have cleaned my own house, the only product I've used on my carpet is Encap Green. My carpets look great, and smell pretty good too..... I love that stuff. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again,

Jason Ritzema, Operations Manager, Clean Source Inc., Northbrook, Illinois

Hi Steve,

I hope all is well,

I now have all my Quarterly Carpet Cleaning accounts completely switched over to VLM using the OP we bought from you.

Before we switched we were using Hot Water Extraction on these accounts, then we switched to a rotary and now we are using OP. Man what a difference in the profits and the results! 

I am a 28 year Hot Water Extraction guy, and it would have been hard to sell me on this concept just a few short years ago.  My, how times and attitudes have changed.

All of the facilities look much better, longer and with less cost & effort on our part. Not one of the many facilities managers is anything but thrilled. The Hot Knife cleans even better than the previous product that we were getting from you.

Eddie Voncannon, Able Carpet and Rug Cleaning, Asheboro, North Carolina

Hey Steve, love the product. Here are a few pictures from a Saturn car dealership in Pennsylvania.

Thank you!

Click to enlarge

Ed Matthews, Completely Clean Solutions, Enola, Pennsylvania


I just used the Encap GREEN product for a customer who has dogs in a  commercial environment which also has a lot of grease and oil from a garage.  I spotted with Spot-N-Boost and OP'd with Encap GREEN and everything came out great! 

Brady Honeycutt, H Seven Cleaning Services, High Point NC

Dear Steve, 

As you may know, PDQ has been providing dry carpet cleaning services to our clients for close to 20 years.  We started out with a “sponge” system.  Using the sponge system with a great deal of success for 14 years or so, we were fairly pleased with the results.  Several years ago we decided to review the systems we had in place.  Doing customer surveys, result comparisons, and cost analyses, we determined that a change was in order.  We chose to use the Vacaway Product line on a trial basis.  You know what they say, “the rest is history”!  PDQ has been very pleased with the performance of your product line, in particular ENC-DS, Encap Green, and now the Spot-N-Boost products have been our favored products.  They are easy to use and yield great results! 

The customer service, delivery and competitive pricing Vacaway offers is refreshing.  As I appreciate hearing good things from my clients, I thought you would enjoy hearing from PDQ.

Kind Regards,

Theresa Hynes, PDQ Dry Carpet Cleaning, Woodstock, Georgia

Hey Steve,

Great products!  I am in love with Encap GREEN!  Your PIG-Out is fabulous!  I received Cyclone HWE in your sample kit, and boy, is that stuff good!

Thanks for a great product line and awesome customer service!

Mark Imbesi, Flooring Solutions, Sewell, New Jersey

I tried Hot Knife on bad commercial traffic lanes yesterday. I stopped in today to see it dry and the owner was ecstatic. He said "others have tried, but no one has been able to get it clean until now".

....the Hot Knife worked GREAT!

Steve Rens, See Spot Run, Carpet & Tile Cleaning, Spring Valley, Wisconsin

Steve, I just wanted to let you know that I was doing a power washing job yesterday on some sidewalks.  I decided that I wanted to try the Grime Reaper pre-spray for a pretreatment on the sidewalks.  The sidewalks were almost black with dirt and set it debris. 

I used 4oz of Grime Reaper in 1 gallon of water in pump up sprayer.  I pre-sprayed sidewalk, steps and wood landscape timbers with Grime Reaper.  I brushed in the chemical lightly after spraying with a soft bristle broom and the dirt and soil began coming right off the sidewalk before even power-washing.  Needless to say the power-washing was a breeze and the sidewalks, steps, and landscape timbers looked brand new. 

Grime Reaper is an excellent product !!

Derek Cerny, Extreme Clean Carpet Care, LLC., Terre Haute, Indiana

Since I discovered VAC-AWAY products my cleaning technicians have been more confident in the job they perform by knowing that the products they are using will not cause them to be called back for reappearing spots or spills.

The clients have been more satisfied than ever before and we can get the jobs done quicker with a lesser cost of operation because the products are highly concentrated.

THANK YOU STEVE SMITH for bringing friendly quality products to the professional cleaners. Where have you been brother? We could have used your knowledge 28 years ago.

Josue Sanchez, Aarons Fibre Care, Orange Park, Florida

Steve, I have excellent results with your VacAway products.  In fact my supervisor was so impressed that it contributed to receiving a generally outstanding annual performance appraisal. 

Montana Boyd, Salem Housing Authority, Salem Oregon

Steve, I have been using Cyclone, Red Vanish, Tsunami, and P.O.G. and to quote another cleaner, who uses the VacAway product Line, "...your chemicals have changed my life".  They are absolutely awesome!

Whenever I go on a job now, I always take in a small bottle of Red Vanish, Cyclone, and P.O.G.

Today, I added on at a job consisting of 4 BR’s, a hall, set of steps, and Family Room. Two of the BR’s had red, blue, yellow, green, purple, etc. spots all over the carpet. I remembered you said it was best to apply your spotters to dry carpet, so after the pre-inspect with the customer, I went back and pretreated  every spot, then started cleaning in another bedroom to give them some dwell time.

Long story short, EVERY colored spot came out when I cleaned that bedroom. Oh, BTW, I did try to remove a few with a towel and emulsifier first, but they would not budge. So, I ended up being the hero on that job today, as the lady of the house was amazed they came out, ‘cause the other cleaners couldn’t budge them!   

I had 3 nasties to do recently, and purposely have not been doing any pre-spraying so I can properly evaluate your Tsunami emulsifier alone with the cleaning step. This stuff really rocks!!! So far, Tsunami and the SAVAGE Truckmount alone are removing heavy soil quite easily, without the aid of other chems. 

VacAway Cyclone has been removing ink, marker, and even other colored spots quite well....It performs great every time, and if it doesn’t get a particular spot, VacAway P.O.G. does.

Red Vanish is taking red, and some of the other colors out, with the least effort of any red remover I have ever used.

I am really impressed with your whole line of chemicals and how they perform!

Bob Savage - Owner, Savage Truckmounts  and Perfection Carpet Cleaning  Dayton, Ohio

I've been cleaning carpets using the encapsulation method for over two years and have used almost every product on the market. I have a truck mount that has only been used 4 times this past year so I'm serious about this method of cleaning.

My primary accounts are commercial, including empty town houses and our local airport which is 75,000 Sq Ft cleaned monthly.  Of all the products I've used, Vac Away is superior to them all. I wholeheartedly recommend VacAway products! 

Danny Strickland, Nitty Gritty Carpet Cleaners, Crawfordville, Florida

I cleaned a BBQ restaurant today.  It's a regular account, and I've tried many chemicals on it.  The best, until now, has been another company's enzyme prespray followed up by their TM rinse.  I've always been able to get the grease out, but the spots of BBQ sauce have always been a problem.  Nothing I've tried would budge them.  Tsunami at 16 oz's per 5 gallons DID!  (metered at 4 gallons per hour)

Martin Sutley, Admiral Carpet Care, Prattville, Alabama

Cyclone is a performer.  It’s exactly what I'm looking for in a cleaning agent.

This morning, I had a 1 1/2" wide filtration line across a bedroom doorway.  I squirted some Cyclone on, in a stream, just as it comes out of the bottle.  I tried to spread it out a bit with my hand rake and went back to rinse it out 5 or 10 minutes later. It worked too good; it looked as if there was a bleach line across the doorway!!!  The customer freaked a little, thinking I bleached the carpet.

I was quick on my feet and placed the cyclone into a squirt bottle.  I then atomized an EVEN layer of the product on the filtration line.  Viola!  It rinsed out like magic!

I used it throughout the rest of the house on some grease spots and also some food spots under the dining room table.   Cyclone works instant and rinses right out.  It is worth EVERY penny.  Get some, keep it in a hip pouch and use it.  This stuff works!

Scott Noble, Noble Carpet Cleaners, Elk Grove, CA

Hi Steve, I received my order today. Thanks for the quick shipping. That Hel-Gel is good stuff, it saved five fancy sofa pillows that the daughter of one of my clients drew all over with ballpoint pen. All the ink came out and they look great.

Richard Brooks, Hit The Spot, Fort Lupton, CO

VacAway has changed how I order my carpet cleaning products!

I use to order one from here, one from there...  I always ordered what was best for each situation (e.g. best emulsifier, best rust remover, best red dye remover, etc)   Now I order EVERYTHING from VacAway.  VacAway products are the best I have used from one manufacture top to bottom!

VacAway's new "Tsunami" has converted me from being a clear water rinse guy into using an emulsifier.  With Tsunami, we are removing spots and stains we had problems with before... It really helps in speeding up our production!

Curtis Pennington - Owner, American Carpet Care, Panama City, Florida