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Custom Spotters

GREEN-Wizard, POOF & Yowza

  • Effective Feb 26, 2009, all three of our custom spotters will be identical except for the name on the bottle.  They will all be a derivative of our very popular "Encap GREEN".

  • VERY UNIQUE!  These custom spotters are Encapsulating Spot Removers that also Deodorize!

  • Leave them behind as free gifts for your customers... They are fantastic marketing & CUSTOMER RETENTION TOOLS.

  • We are flexible...If you have a different name in mind for your custom spotter, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Technical Bulletin SDS

Examples of some of our work:

See example labels of POOF and Yowza below.

Use our "Custom Spotter" program to build your business!

  • Professionally designed labels, in full color, with your name, logo and company information displayed in a large customizable area. We give you much more room than you get on competitive products.  That is what it's all about... Name recognition, your name!

  • Every time your customized spotter is used by your customer, it will remind them of your company. They will see your name on the label and appreciate the special gift you left them. Who are they going to call when they are ready to have their carpets cleaned again?  You, of course!  Who will they recommend to their friends?  You, of course!

  • Watch your repeat and referral business increase dramatically as you give more and more FREE spotters to your customers and potential customers.

  • Pet owners will especially love these spotters because they not only clean extremely well, but they also deodorize.

  • There are no SET-UP fees for designing your spotters...Never has been and never will be.

  • You get Fast turn-around... All can be quickly and easily done via email... Most orders ship in one to three business days after your design approval!  Give us a call and see just how easy the whole process is.

  • These spotters are very Economical...Eight oz bottles are $1.40 each with a two case minimum (40 per case = 80 per order).  Sixteen oz bottles are $2.50 each with a two case minimum (24 per case = 48 per order). 

Get FREE Shipping by doing part of the work yourself!

We do not give free shipping on filled custom spotters.  However, we have worked out a "Do-It-Yourself" plan so you can avoid all shipping charges.

  1. You can make your own GREEN-Wizard, POOF, or Yowza by simply mixing 1 part Encap GREEN with 6 parts water (1 gallon makes 7 gallons).  Since you can get FREE shipping when you purchase Encap GREEN in quantity, your cost per ounce to fill your own spotters can be less than $0.05!

  2. Next, order your bottles and custom labels from us and get FREE shipping.

Eight oz white "Bullet" type bottles, as shown above, are $1.06 each with a minimum order of 160... Total order: $169.60 (This includes 160 8oz bullet bottles, 160 press-top lids and 160 custom printed labels to be applied after you fill the bottles... NOTE:  Encap GREEN must be purchased separately.

The sixteen oz "Bullet" bottles are $1.70 each with a minimum order of 100... Total order: $170.00 (This includes 100 16oz bullet bottles, 100 press-top lids and 100 custom printed labels to be applied after you fill the bottles....NOTE:  Encap GREEN must be purchased separately.

Try risk free... If you are unhappy for any reason
we will refund your money and allow you to keep the left over product.

You have nothing to lose...Start building your business today with GREEN-Wizard, POOF, Yowza, or a name of your choosing!

Call toll FREE at (877)333-9964 to place an order or for more information.

Please Note: Free shipping DOES NOT apply for orders of filled spotter bottles.