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Test 2: Compare products for removing common household soils.

Make a mixture of Ketchup, Mustard, Hot Sauce, Garden Dirt, Chocolate Sauce, etc. The exact mixture is not important, but its consistency should be fairly thick yet thin enough to be dripped from a flip-top plastic bottle.

Place the mixture in a plastic bottle with a flip top lid. Put three to six drops of the mixture into saucers, small bowls or other concave dishes (one container for each product being compared). With your finger, smear the mixture around until the bottom and sides have a fairly thin coating. Place the containers in a 180 degree oven for 30 minutes only.

Place several drops of each product, to be tested, in the bottom of its own dish. GENTLY slosh each from side to side or circular motion for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat the process until it is clear which product, on a consistent basis, loosens the dried mix first.

Notes on Test 2: Use equal sloshing time with no other type of agitation. The test should be run at the recommended dilution for cleaning. In the real world, we have found that the product that loosens the dried soils first, on a consistent basis, will be the best one for removing common household soils/stains and tracked-in dirt.
Test 3: Compare encapsulation products for their ability to release from a carpet when vacuuming.

Cover the bottom of a concave dish or saucer with pure, undiluted products, smearing some of the product up on the sides so that there will be a thin layer on the sides and a thicker layer of each product on the bottom when it dries. Allow to dry completely and check to see which one removes the easiest. Take special note on the thinner layer as you will never leave a thick layer of product behind when cleaning. Run the same test again, but this time dilute products at the recommended dilution rate.

Notes on Test 3: Take VERY SPECIAL NOTE of how easy or difficult it is to remove the thin layer of the dried products. That thin layer will most closely mimic what you might possible leave behind when you do encapsulation type cleaning.

We invite you to run these tests and pit our products against ANY competitive ones. Let your own eyes tell you which products are the best to use in your business.

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