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        Hi, I'm Steve Smith.

Wouldn't you like to use professional cleaning products that are more effective, live up to their promises and just plain work better?

I've been a carpet cleaner for over twenty years. During that time I've bought dozens of professional products that
promised better cleaning, better stain removal, and no sticky residue. Most of those products failed miserably to live up to their promises and were a complete waste of time and money.

It frustrated me so much that I decided to do something about it!

To make a long story short, a few years ago I hired a very smart retired chemist to help me in formulating several new products utilizing a little known
SUPER BRITTLE drying polymer from another industry.  Most of these products crystallize upon drying causing dirt, detergent residues from previous cleanings, soda spills, etc., to become trapped (encapsulated) inside the dried crystals so that they can be easily vacuumed away during routine vacuuming. Extensive testing has shown that these products out-perform all competitive ones and do not leave a sticky, dirt-attracting residue!

We were even able to produce a non-sticky citrus gel (Hel-Gel ORANGE) that crystallizes and a paint, ink, and grease remover (PIG Out) that doesn't need to be rinsed or followed behind with a volatile dry solvent. Such products were previously unheard of and even thought to be impossible to make, we figured out how to make it possible and they really work great!

The bottom line is, with VacAway Products you can become more profitable, with less work and effectively remove more soil and stains than ever before.  You can become a hero in your customers eyes since their carpets will stay cleaner, longer and dry quickly with excellent cost effectiveness.  Your customers will be much more inclined to refer your company and will be more likely to allow ONLY YOU to maintain their carpets. 

The VacAway brand of detergents, spotters and encapsulants are designed to make your life easier & more profitable...
I personally stand behind each product and make the following guarantee to you:

If you purchase one of our cleaning products and you do not like it for any reason simply give us a call within 60 days, and we will cheerfully refund your money and you can keep the product.

Steve Smith

P.S.  If you have never tried our products before, you can order one of our FREE Sample Packs online... you just pay the UPS shipping. Please test each product against the best competitive products you can find, but please go about it in a controlled manner. To help you properly test products see Three Simple Tests for Evaluating Carpet Cleaning Products. In August 2005, these testing procedures were published in CleanFax magazine.  Also see if the products you use can pass the pepper test.

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